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How PPC and SEO work Together


Many People Confuse About how PPC and SEO work together with the reality of the situation is that Google ads and organic results both have a direct effect on one another while many people looking for an SEO company is simply looking for local and organic SEO results running a Google ads campaign in tandem with your

SEO Efforts

are generally a good idea for a variety of different reasons that we will outline in this article increased page placements when putting together a search marketing and advertising strategy for clients the general goal is to get as many qualified eyeballs on their online assets as possible while I

am certain you have heard things like we guarantee first-page placement on Google or get increased traffic guaranteed to trust me we get those emails to the reality of the situation is that not all page placements are created equally and traffic doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t convert with a true

professional the lens on the situation a quality SEO company will be not just looking for first page placements but rather for as many page placements as possible on converting search terms is one

of the ways to accomplish this is of course CEO which can be a focus on organic and local listings dependent upon your type of business another great way to gain even more page

Bid On Keywords

placements are to bid on the same keywords that you are approaching organically with highly optimized Google Ads search campaigns this may seem like an obvious approach but many novice SEO and search marketing teams are just simply trying to get Co business and not effectively putting together robust

search marketing and advertising campaigns for their clients the idea of search marketing and advertising is to gain as many page placements as often as possible on keywords and search terms that convert that’s

it’s that simple and this is precisely why it is realistic for a client to do so we always encourage them to run manage

in tandem with the SEO form or page placements on high-value 5 search terms for the business targeted traffic with Google Ads search engine optimization is one part science in one part art which is why if you start digging in you will find a variety of opinions and theories floating about

especially with those new to the game while it is now estimated that there are roughly five hundred and twenty variables that Google cycles through when deciding what it will all serve you in a search

the query we know one thing to be true targeted traffic via Google search ads will help your co efforts why is this

the case well think of it this way if you have a website that is about plumbing and your website is getting lots of traffic from plumbing related keywords Google will likely start to understand

that your website is indeed about plumbing with Co there is only one thing we attempting to

achieve which is tell Google what your website is about in the geography your serve one great way to accomplish this is by

Bidding on Keywords with Google

Ads that you are also approaching organically Google does not care whether the traffic is coming from paid sources or from organic sources it just simply knows that when someone types in the plumber near me that users come to your website and stay there a while this concept is why running search ads

and bidding on the same keywords that you are bidding on organically is generally, a good idea to supplement your SEO efforts by wrapping it up as you have likely surmised running managed Google ads campaigns along with your SEO efforts are generally going to be a good idea


while this article outlines a couple of major reasons to do so there are a variety of other reasons that this should be done as well if you have a limited budget or the keywords are really expensive it may not be an

option but if it is at all realistic it is 100 percent something that should be worked into your search marketing and advertising strategy…

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