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Rolex history models


When you think of the best watches in the world, which company do you think of? It is very likely that you have considered Rolex to be one of the most famous brands in the world. Even though their product cant do much other than answer one question. What time is it? No one really needs a Rolex. But a lot of people want one.

A Rolex is the typical status symbol with the incredible appeal to millions of people looking to spend their money. And thats all. in large part thanks to sport. Rolex has built its brand strategy on sponsoring the most elegant and luxurious athletes and sports events. Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Annika Sörenstam.

This status, however, does not happen overnight. At first, it was the functionality that stood out. As we can learn on their website: Rolex has built its brand on the back of innovation and quality! And this is obviously very important. But that’s not enough.

The younger generation, who all grew up with a smartphone, need to be convinced of the values ​​of a traditional watch from another angle. The brand needed to go beyond pure functionality to impress the modern customer.

How did they do it? At first, Rolex used slogans such as “The worlds first waterproof wristwatch and A landmark in the history of timekeeping”. To underline the technical superiority of their watch, it was important to have the right Testimonials.

When Hans Wilsdorf founded Rolex in the early 1920s, his goal was to replace traditional pocket watches with one of the greatest innovations of its time: a wristwatch, resistant to dust and water. He identified the world of sports as the perfect environment to propel his newly formed band.

He asked Mercedes Gleitze, an English swimmer, to wear the Rolex while attempting to swim in the English Channel. The watch lasted over 10 hours; it remained in good condition,

Their second market is for parents or grandparents who buy a watch for their children who have just graduated or are celebrating an important birthday. The slogan shows that Rolex goes from selling a product to selling a story. And one of the best storytellers in sports. This is why the biggest watch companies are fighting for the right to be the official timekeeper of major sporting events.

Its comparable to Nike or Adidas signing athletes. If you like the event, you are more likely to like the official timekeeper too. Omega is currently present at the Tissot Olympics in the Tour de France and Hublot in European football.

But no watch brand is as present as Rolex. Rolex has chosen its events carefully. So who do they sponsor and why? Even though Red Bull and Rolex both have their roots in extreme sports, they rarely clash today. hui. Rolex no longer seeks to prove the quality of its products by putting them on the wrists of people swimming in canals and climbing mountains. They prefer to choose the sports that best match their brand image and are practiced and followed by their target group. In other words, where there is an audience that can afford a Rolex. The result is a strong presence of Rolex in (1.

) tennis, with its traditional events such as Wimbledon. As well as (2.) golf, (3.) yachting and (4.) equestrian sports. The only clear overlap between Red Bull and Rolex can be seen in (5.) Formula 1 But the two brands play different roles. One wanted to create the youngest world champion with his energy drink. Rol

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