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Why Does Sport Matter


why is sports one of the most profitable industries on our earth today Why Does Sports matter because Sports stars make millions upon millions of dollars throwing around a ball whilst the average person gets paid but a fraction of that for supposedly contributing more to society why is it that we adore watching these grown men run around for a couple of hours scouring imaginary points to win an arbitrary trophy well to answer all these

questions we must first ask ourselves what are the roots of all stories that we tell ourselves and tell others
and when we break these stories down we always see one invariably conflict is the root of all legendary stories of all notable events of all mythology whether it be Romeo and Juliet or avengers endgame as humans we inherently are intrigued and excited by conflict. to some of the most primal elements of our nature aggression physical competition tribalism and despite these three things often have negativeconnotations this is by no means a bad thing.

Humans in The Modern developed World

have created a society so structured soon akin to any culture we’ve seen since the late roman empire that our instinctive primal nature is so often unattended to in pastimes, we fed this natural hunger with war with the conquering of nations with gladiator fights and public executions and whilst these things are completely barbaric there is an element of each of them, that taps into the masses lust for conflict over the years humans have found a tamer method to entertain ourselves to tell these stories of conflict and in some cases barbarism originally we did so with fear with full.

Battles and Imitations of aggression and as time went on we developed films to provide the same entertainment but one thing lacked the realistic element that the likes of the gladiator arenas provided the genuine adrenaline and fear that came with watching seven footmen ward off exotic beasts and this realism was replaced by a concept less dangerous but no less relating.

Organized Sports

because really sports are a little more than unscripted plays, the theater is the physical accomplishment that we embrace with unabridged investment as these games truly become a matter of life or death in our tribal minds
and as we watch these games we slowly become more and more attached to these superhumans and super teams
of course, there are those that are cast out not dissimilarly to the gladiator arenas of old but it is the characters
in this grandiose play that we call seasons and tournaments that truly lead to a love for the games themselves
earlier in 2020 Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest basketball players of all time tragically passed away

and as he did so the entire world came together in one moment to mourn because these players as they put on. these magnificent showcases of physical mastery for us the ones who stay around longer than most and rise above the majority always become more than just players they become idols legends sometimes deity-like figures who we feel almost become part of our family the story of Kobe Bryant, in particular, is one that provides inspirations to a million boy from Italy thrown into one of the grandest stages of them all able to have an impact as grand as he did purely through a passionate love for his craft that provided a work ethic that is now unmatched.

not only do his game-winners hisincredible scoring games his five championships and his oscar provide entertainment and wonderful it’s his vow to excellence his ability to fight through hardship and failure and his continued promise to work to be the best in all fields of his life that provides hope to millions from the
the kid who

Wants to Play in The NBA

20 year old to the college student who wants to pursue his dream of being a lawyer their players provide hope provide inspiration to master one’s craft whilst the teams themselves do something entirely different
it’s the teams the nations or in most cases the cities that are able to bring together people the likes of which would
never meet the doctor can be united with the truck driver the office worker can cheer alongside the personal

trainer for one brief fleeting moment, the crowds can make up something so much more than the individuals it doesn’t matter what may be your background your upbringing you political beliefs within that hour-long game any and display can get the ball past first down whether this serve stays in or not because at the end of the day we’ll all
go back to our lives go back to the.

Stresses and Worries

of every day and whoever gets this trophy won’t have any real impact on most people’s lives but the joy the glory and the unity that these grand physical showcases provide a feeling that is unmatched by any film or any play whether you’re playing sports watching them you know that your brothers and sisters in arms have got your back you know that if you keep putting in work you can master the physical ability for at least a moment and you know

that these trophies aren’t arbitrary they are a physical reassurance that the sweat the passion and the love was all worth it that it al matter that’s if there’s a new NBA champion and it’s the team from Toronto Canada we the north is now the championship

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